07/03/2023 DEV ATMA S. KHALSA, SANTA FE COUNTY MAGISTRATE COURT, Supreme Court No. S-1-SC-39802, JSC Inquiry No. 2023-018

Pursuant to the Supreme Court’s power of superintending control, the Court placed Judge Dev Atma Singh Khalsa on indefinite administrative leave with pay on 02/27/2023. The Commission filed a Verified Petition for Immediate Temporary Suspension of Judge Khalsa, Santa Fe County Magistrate Court, on 03/01/2023. On 04/07/2023, the Supreme Court granted the Commission’s petition and temporarily suspended Judge Khalsa without pay. On 05/22/2023, the Commission filed a Petition to Accept Stipulation to Permanent Resignation from Judicial Office in Lieu of Further Disciplinary Proceeding with the Court. On 07/03/2023, the Court granted the petition and ordered the permanent resignation of Judge Khalsa. To view all petitions, CLICK HERE. To view the Supreme Court’s Orders, CLICK HERE.