JOSEPH GUILLORY: Supreme Court No. 31,920, JSC Inquiry No. 2008-094

Supreme Court grants Commission’s Emergency Petition for Immediate Temporary Suspension of Hon. Joseph Guillory, Dona Ana County Magistrate Court, SCT Docket No. 31,920, JSC Inquiry No. 2008-094. The Court suspended Judge Guillory retroactively to August 13, 2010 and stated that the order did not affect any pending Commission proceedings concerning the judge. The Commission had filed the petition on August 13, 2010 under seal pursuant to Rule 27-104(B) NMRA. Judge Guillory tendered his resignation to the Governor and the Supreme Court on August 24, 2010. The Supreme Court unsealed its file on August 30, 2010. To download a copy of the Court’s order, click here.