SHARON C. TORRES: Supreme Court No. 34,601, JSC Inquiry No. 2013-077

Supreme Court grants Commission’s Petition to Accept Stipulation Agreement and Consent to Discipline concerning Bernalillo Municipal Court Judge Sharon C. Torres, Supreme Court Docket No. 34,601, JSC Inquiry No. 2013-077. The Supreme Court order requires that Judge Torres participate in a formal mentorship and supervised probation for the remainder of her term of office, complete additional training, coordinate with the Town of Bernalillo Finance Department/Town Treasurer to obtain hands-on training for her court clerks in specified areas, work with her mentor to obtain remedial training for her clerks, and work with her mentor to develop and implement written procedures, polices, and checklists to address specified duties and responsibilities. The order also unsealed the Supreme Court’s file in the disciplinary matter. All public documents are available from the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office (505-827-4860).

Supreme Court Orders