STEPHEN S. SALAZAR: Supreme Court No. 33,601, JSC Inquiry No. 2011-035

​Supreme Court grants Commission’s Petition for Discipline concerning the Hon. Stephen S. Salazar, Espanola Municipal Court, SCT Docket No. 33,601, JSC Inquiry No. 2011-035. Judge found to have committed willful misconduct in office and received the following discipline: 90-day suspension without pay, public censure to be published in the Bar Bulletin, probation for remainder of term of office, pay restitution to injured parties, pay Judicial Standards Commission’s costs of $2,853.84, sums to be paid within 6 months of order, and shall neither request nor accept payment of his salary, the costs imposed by this order, or any personal expenses he incurred before the Commission or this Court. The Supreme Court’s file is available to the public by contacting the Supreme Court. To download copy of the Court’s order, click here.